Who We Are

ECECE was established in accordance with Austrian national law through a founding team of four long-serving international experts from Austria, Italy, and the UK. Ecece set up its headquarters in the southern Austrian federal province of Carinthia to logistically optimise its initial contract work in Austria and Italy. The founding team has many years of experience in; entrepreneurial training and coaching, project coordination and management, financial controlling and management and video communication provision, academic and entrepreneurial education and an extensive understanding of EU legislation. Over the years, the founding team has built up a network of international experts with varying competences in other European countries who are now part of the ECECE team. Within the first month of its founding, ECECE secured its initial contract to develop an entrepreneurial education concept for secondary technical schools in northern Italy. Since that time, many other contracts have followed.


Our Mission is to Facilitate Positive Change

ECECE is committed to the ‘Theory of Change’, which is defined as “the description of the sequence of events that is expected to lead to a particular desired outcome” (Davies, 2012). This means that we initially work with our clients to define the current baseline (what are the problems / issues and what are the causes?) As a result, we co-create a vision of change through clearly defined objectives / solutions (what kind of change is needed and through which kind of solutions?) Then we help to co-formulate what has to be done to achieve the desired change (what are the activities that have to be carried out?) And finally, we think about the sustainability of the change that has been achieved. ECECE applies this process to individual or corporate situations.

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