Erasmus+ Alphabetter Project Transnational project meeting in Austria 1-2-December 2022

Erasmus+ Alphabetter project: On December 2022 1st and 2nd the austrian partner ECECE European Center of Entrepreneurship Competence & Excellence (Austria) is hosting in Klagenfurt (AT) the representatives of WSB University Krakov (the project’s coordinator), University of California San Diego (USA), ENAIP VENETO IMPRESA SOCIALE (Italy) and MEPCO, s.r.o. (Czech Republic). The project aims to create methodology and courses designed to prevent functional and secondary illiteracy. Based on the experience of the University of California, San Diego (ranked 18 on the Shanghai List) taken from working with migrants in the Mexican-American border region, the European partners will create a toolkit for educators of people experiencing secondary and functional illiteracy. The project will conduct a pilot with the participation of representatives of the target group.

On 9th December 2022 Ecece (Klagenfurt AT) participated to the international online workshop organized by the Hellenic STEM Educational Association in Athens, presenting together with Indicia (Bratislava SK) the results of the two Erasmus+ projects:

CLIMAX - CLIMAte coalition eXchange of best practices

STEALTH - STEam methodology for heALTHhy nutrition awareness - Food as cultural Heritage

ENPOW4Kids Erasmus+


On 12-13th December 2022 Ecece (Klagenfurt AT) is taking part to the transnational project meeting in Prague (CZ). Hosted by Fakultní základní škola s rozšířenou výukou jazyků při

PedF for the Erasmus+ project ENPOW4Kids Enhancing eNtrepreneurial mindset and self-enPOWerment in Kids.