Erasmus+ SIMUL Stimulate Innovative MUltigrade Learning with STEAM Education 2023-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000180559

Klagenfurt 27/03/2024 Ecece, in collaboration with Lumen (IT) and other partners from Italy, the Czech Republic, and Romania, participated in the kickoff meeting of the SIMUL project — Stimulate Innovative MUltigrade Learning with STEAM Education, grant number 2023-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000180559. The project focuses on multigrade learning and the development of teacher skills in multigrade classrooms.

Subject: Erasmus+ STAIR Online Final Conference Invitation +  Partnership search for new project

Friday, 26th January 2024 Time: 18:00 CET (Central European Time)


Meeting Link: Zoom

Meeting Link Meeting ID: 737 0077 3338 Access Code: 6kBqT2

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We are pleased to extend our invitation to you for the Erasmus+ STAIR Online Final Conference, organized under the project name "STem Education Program for AIR Pollution in Schools." This conference will provide a valuable platform to discuss the critical issue of air pollution in schools and explore innovative educational approaches in this context. We invite all stakeholders, including students, tutors, research institutes, policy makers, and educators, to join us in this important event.

The conference will be also a great opportunity to discuss possible partnerships with new organizations and to meet teachers interested in participating to Erasmus+ transnational cooperation projects

The STAIR free toolkit is  available in English, Italian, German, and Czech languages, is accessible on the project's website: STAIR Project Toolkit  available in English,  Italian, German and Czech

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to:  Learn about the project's objectives and outcomes.   Access and download the STAIR toolkit for free.  Engage in discussions regarding the importance of addressing air pollution in schools. Explore potential opportunities for future partnerships in Erasmus+ projects.

Conference Organizers

 Coordinator: Istituto Europeo di  Studi Superiori S.c.s. (IT)

To join the conference, simply click on the Zoom meeting link provided above on

26th January 2024 at 18:00 CET. We look forward to your participation and insightful contributions to this significant event.

For more information, please visit the official conference website: STAIR Website. Thank you for your interest in the Erasmus+ STAIR project, and we hope to see you at the conference.

Warm regards Ecece

Erasmus+ STAIR Online Final Conference  

Thank You for Your Participation in the Erasmus+ STAIR Online Final Conference

Dear Participants,

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your active participation in the Erasmus+ STAIR Online Final Conference, organized under the project name "STem Education Program for AIR Pollution in Schools." Your presence and contributions made this event a resounding success.

This conference served as an invaluable platform for stakeholders from various backgrounds, including students, tutors, research institutes, policy makers, and educators, to come together and engage in meaningful discussions about the pressing issue of air pollution in schools. Your insights, ideas, and innovative approaches added depth and significance to our deliberations.

In addition to addressing the critical issue of air pollution in schools, the conference also provided an excellent opportunity to explore potential partnerships with new organizations. We hope that you had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and institutions who share our passion for creating a healthier and more sustainable educational environment.

Furthermore, this event was an ideal forum for educators who are interested in participating in Erasmus+ transnational cooperation projects. We believe that fostering collaborations in the field of STEM education and air quality awareness is crucial, and your presence at this conference was instrumental in achieving this goal.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your active involvement and commitment to our cause. Your dedication is vital in addressing the issue of air pollution in schools and advancing STEM education. We look forward to continuing our collective efforts and building a brighter future for our educational institutions and our students.

Thank you for being a part of this important event, and we hope to see you in future conferences and collaborative projects.

ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco online meeting   08th  January 2024 

ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco! : latest news from our project as we continue our mission of "Promoting Circular Economy Thinking and Opportunities among NEETs and low-skills adults." 🔄💡 Date: January 8th, 2024 - 12th Online Meeting Project ID: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000086651 ECECE (AT) - joined the online meeting along with our esteemed partners: 🇪🇸 DIPUTACIÓN DE VALLADOLID (ES) - 🇪🇸 FORMATIVE FOOTPRINT (ES) - 🇷🇴 Asociatia TEAM 4 Excellence (RO) - 🇬🇷 E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP (GR) - 🇮🇹 MADIBA SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE (IT) - All partners gathered online for the 12th monthly meeting to discuss upcoming activities scheduled for next week in Spain! 🇪🇸 From January 16th to 19th, 2024, we'll be coming together for the A4 Learning Mobility in Valladolid, Spain. During this Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA), our partners will engage in discussions with educators from various regions. The main topics on the agenda include the THINK CirEco research, EntreComp, and the Circular Economy Framework. Curious to learn more about our project? Visit our website for additional information: Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a sustainable and circular future! 🌱🌟 #THINKCirEco #CircularEconomy 

Klagenfurt  20th december 2023 - ECECE- Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliances  Digis - Building up Digital Skills Alliance for the Enhancing of Programming Competencies- 621690-EPP-1-2020-1-CZ-EPPKA2-SSA

Ecece together with the coordinator of the project The Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, and the other partners,  Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa (CCI ES), The Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (TC CAS), Czech VR Agency, Robodrone Industries, European Centre of Entrepreneurship Competence and Excellence (ECECE) Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola / The Secondary Technical School CZ, ESTUDIO AGORA SAU / THE SECONDARY TECHNICAL SCHOOL ES, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Presov Regional Chamber (CCI SK) SPOJENÁ ŠKOLA (UNITED SCHOOL)/ THE SECONDARY TECHNICAL SCHOOL  is glad to inform that the Digis project is going to finish. It was a pleasure working with you and the project results will remain available on the project site and project training platform

GHENT  8-9- november 2023 Jugaad Erasmus+ Project

Ghent 8-9 November 2023 - JUGAAD Erasmus+ Project ( – Promoting STEM Approach and Digital Competences! Empowering Teachers and Inspiring Students in STEM Education.


Hosted by Fyxxi, Partners met in Belgium for the project Steering Committee Meeting and for an amazing workshop “Demonstration Activity: 4-5 corners,  to test the Education Toolkit Toolkit”.  JUGAAD is a dynamic project focused on upskilling teachers and supporting students in integrating a STEM approach into their educational journey. 

By participating in the JUGAAD project, educators/teachers will have the opportunity to:

- Enhance teaching methodologies and techniques, emphasizing STEM in education

- Receive concrete tools and resources that they can incorporate into their regular activities

- Enhance student engagement

- Assess and monitor students' progress effectively through assessment tools

- Collaborate and network with other professionals in the field fostering a community of STEM education and enthusiasts. students will have the opportunity to:
- Gain essential digital skills
- Foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills


Join our team and enjoy the  project results that we are developing:

- an Education Toolkit, meticulously translated into the project's eight languages. This comprehensive toolkit consists of 15 workshops, each lasting one hour, designed specifically for students aged 8-14.

-An Assessment Toolkit (enabling the evaluation of skills acquired through the Education Toolkit workshops by both teachers and students).

-An E- PLATFORM, To facilitate effective implementation and replicability, available in the project's eight languages, it serves as a hub for all project materials and information


You can have more information visiting the project’s website ( or the  project partner’s website:

·      ASSOCIAZIONE LUMEN APS – Coordinator (

·  IED (

·  Fyxxi (

·  Ecece (

·      Sxoli Karavana (

·      Istituto comprensivo Fiorano 1  (

·  Projeto Schole lda (

·  SIauliu “Dermes” Mokykla (

·      Bursa Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (

·  Aisr (

BRATISLAVA  2-3- november 2023 DIGIS Erasmus+ Project

Praha, November 2-3, 2023: The Erasmus+ Project DIGIS focuses on the rapidly growing areas of drones and virtual reality, which are at the forefront of new smart technologies (Industry 4.0). These fields hold immense potential for further development in various sectors, offering significant benefits to the European economy and society.

Ecece is proud to participate in the 6th Prague Partners' Meeting and the International Final Conference of the project, hosted by the Czech Chamber of Commerce (Hospodářská komora ČR). Our project will also be showcased at the FUTURE MIND FEST 2023!

For more information about DIGIS, please visit our website at Explore the fantastic free training courses on drones and virtual reality available on the project's platform:

#DIGIS #ErasmusPlus #Drones #VirtualReality #Industry40 #PraguePartnersMeeting #CzechChamberOfCommerce #FutureMindFest2023 #Education #SmartTechnologies #EuropeanEconomy"

DIGIS Erasmus+ Project 

22nd October 2023  Klagenfurt Welcome to the Erasmus+ project DIGIS - Digital Skills Alliance to Enhance Programming Competencies, proudly presented by ECECE! 🌐

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the drones and virtual reality sectors are at the forefront of innovation, and they're driving the growth of Industry 4.0. 🛰️🕶️ These smart technologies offer immense potential for further development, benefiting not only the economy but also European society as a whole.

And that's not all! ECECE has created a promotional video to give you a sneak peek into the exciting world of DIGIS. You can watch it on our YouTube channel:

Our project's primary goal is to bolster Continuing Vocational Education and Training in these cutting-edge fields. Here's what we're all about:

🎯 Create a new European professional qualification standard for these occupations:

Plus, we have two complete training courses available on the project's training platform. Want to know more? Visit our website and explore our online platform:

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of digital skills! 🚀 #DIGIS #DigitalSkills #ECECE #ErasmusPlus

22. Oktober 2023 Klagenfurt Willkommen beim Erasmus+ Projekt DIGIS – Digital Skills Alliance to Enhance Programming Competencies, stolz präsentiert von ECECE! 🌐

In der sich ständig weiterentwickelnden Welt der Technologie stehen die Drohnen- und Virtual-Reality-Sektoren an der Spitze der Innovation und treiben das Wachstum von Industrie 4.0 voran. 🛰️🕶️ Diese intelligenten Technologien bieten ein enormes Potenzial für die Weiterentwicklung, von dem nicht nur die Wirtschaft, sondern die gesamte europäische Gesellschaft profitiert.

Und das ist nicht alles! ECECE hat ein Werbevideo erstellt, um Ihnen einen ersten Einblick in die spannende Welt von DIGIS zu geben. Sie können es auf unserem YouTube-Kanal ansehen:

Das Hauptziel unseres Projekts ist die Stärkung der beruflichen Weiterbildung in diesen zukunftsweisenden Bereichen. Darum geht es uns:

🎯 Schaffen Sie einen neuen europäischen Berufsqualifikationsstandard für diese Berufe:

Drohnenprogrammierer und -betreiber.

Entwickler von Virtual-Reality-Anwendungen.

Darüber hinaus stehen auf der Schulungsplattform des Projekts zwei komplette Schulungen zur Verfügung. Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Besuchen Sie unsere Website und erkunden Sie unsere Online-Plattform:

Begleiten Sie uns auf dieser spannenden Reise in die Zukunft digitaler Kompetenzen! 🚀 #DIGIS #DigitalSkills #ECECE #ErasmusPlus

ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco meeting in Constanta (RO)  09-10th  October  2023 

 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership: Promoting Circular Economy Thinking and Opportunities among NEETs and low-skills adults (THINK CirEco), ID 22022-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000086651
Great news from the recent Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership meeting held in Constanta, Romania! The focus of this gathering was the THINK CirEco project (Project ID: 22022-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000086651), which aims to promote circular economy thinking and opportunities among NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and low-skills adults.

Hosted by Team 4 Excellence, the meeting included participation from diverse partners, including:

During this meeting, partners came together to discuss the project's implementation and future plans. For more details and updates on our collaborative efforts, please visit us at

Aufregende Neuigkeiten von der kürzlich stattgefundenen Erasmus+ Strategischen Partnerschaftssitzung in Constanta, Rumänien! Der Schwerpunkt dieses Treffens lag auf dem THINK CirEco-Projekt (Projekt-ID: 22022-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000086651), das darauf abzielt, das Denken und die Möglichkeiten der Kreislaufwirtschaft unter NEETs (Jugendliche, die weder in Ausbildung, Beschäftigung noch in Schulung sind) und gering qualifizierten Erwachsenen zu fördern.

Die Sitzung, die von Team 4 Excellence ausgerichtet wurde, umfasste die Teilnahme verschiedener Partner, darunter:

Während dieses Treffens kamen die Partner zusammen, um die Umsetzung des Projekts und zukünftige Pläne zu diskutieren. Für weitere Details und Updates zu unseren gemeinsamen Anstrengungen besuchen Sie uns bitte unter


ERASMUS+ STAIR "STem education program for AIR pollution in schools"Stair - The Transnational Training on how to implement Air pollution experiments in class Erasmus+ Stair is available online  22th  August 2023 

 Free Online Transnational Training on how to implement Air pollution experiments in class Erasmus+ Stair 

ONline 21st August 2023 2022-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000097208    Project CUP H81I22000540006
Erasmus+ STAIR "STem education program for AIR pollution in schools"
Dear Educators,
We are thrilled to announce the release of the online version of our transnational training program! Whether you couldn't attend the training sessions online or would like to revisit the training material before implementing the pilot in your school, this is your opportunity to access valuable resources and enhance your teaching toolkit.
What is STAIR?
STAIR is an Erasmus+ project that aims to study and understand the environmental factors that make European students' work and study environments healthier, safeguarding their health and learning quality.
Thanks to STAIR, teachers and students will be able to analyse the air quality of their classrooms and the institutions where they spend most of their time, proposing constructive solutions for collaborative improvement.
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Our online training is accessible at your convenience, allowing you to learn and engage with the material whenever suits you best.
Comprehensive Training Material: Gain a deeper understanding of the program's concepts, methodologies, and strategies through our comprehensive training modules.

Review and Refresh: If you've already attended the training, this is a perfect chance to refresh your knowledge and ensure a smooth implementation.
How to Access:
Simply visit our project platform and navigate to the "transnational-online-workshop" "Transnational online workshop" section. There, you'll find videos  to excel in your role as a teacher and effectively pilot the program in your school.

ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco project is progressing excellently, working towards "Promoting Circular Economy Thinking and Opportunities among NEETs and low-skilled adults."

 28th  July 2023 

 ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco Online Meeting - Klagenfurt, 28th July 2023

ECECE ( is thrilled to announce that the ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco project is progressing excellently, working towards "Promoting Circular Economy Thinking and Opportunities among NEETs and low-skilled adults."  Project Details: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000086651 - Date: 28th July 2023 Location: Online Meeting- The ECECE (AT) team from Klagenfurt is pleased to share the progress of the project, and we had the pleasure of collaborating with esteemed partners from various countries:


The primary focus of this meeting was to work on the project's syllabus and training materials. Here are some of the key highlights:

Syllabus (A4): Together with our partners, under the lead of P4, we have identified specific teaching/learning needs related to Circular Economy and entrepreneurship. These needs will form the basis of the training material syllabus.

 EntreComp Framework (A5): P4 is also leading the effort to adapt the training content planning to the EntreComp framework, ensuring that it aligns with the competencies required for environmental-oriented entrepreneurship. This will be the first adaptation of its kind!

The ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco project aims to equip NEETs and low-skilled adults with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in the Circular Economy. By addressing environmental challenges and fostering entrepreneurship, we strive for a sustainable future.

Stay tuned for further updates and progress reports as we continue this exciting journey towards a greener, more circular future!

#ERASMUSPlus #THINKCirEco #CircularEconomy #Entrepreneurship #Sustainability #GreenFuture #NEETs #LowSkillsAdults #ERASMUSProject #OnlineMeeting #ECECE #Klagenfurt

ECECE ( freut sich bekannt zu geben, dass das ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco-Projekt hervorragende Fortschritte macht und darauf hinarbeitet, „das Denken und die Chancen der Kreislaufwirtschaft bei NEETs und gering qualifizierten Erwachsenen zu fördern“. Projektdetails: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000086651 – Datum: 28. Juli 2023 Ort: Online-Meeting – Das ECECE (AT)-Team aus Klagenfurt freut sich, den Fortschritt des Projekts zu teilen, und wir hatten das Vergnügen, zusammenzuarbeiten mit geschätzten Partnern aus verschiedenen Ländern:


Das Hauptaugenmerk dieses Treffens lag auf der Arbeit am Lehrplan und den Schulungsmaterialien des Projekts. Hier sind einige der wichtigsten Highlights:

Lehrplan (A4): Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern haben wir unter der Leitung von P4 spezifische Lehr-/Lernbedürfnisse im Zusammenhang mit Kreislaufwirtschaft und Unternehmertum identifiziert. Diese Bedürfnisse bilden die Grundlage für den Lehrplan für das Schulungsmaterial.

  EntreComp-Framework (A5): P4 leitet auch die Bemühungen, die Planung der Schulungsinhalte an das EntreComp-Framework anzupassen und sicherzustellen, dass es mit den Kompetenzen übereinstimmt, die für umweltorientiertes Unternehmertum erforderlich sind. Dies wird die erste Adaption dieser Art sein!

Das ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco-Projekt zielt darauf ab, NEETs und gering qualifizierte Erwachsene mit den notwendigen Kenntnissen und Fähigkeiten auszustatten, um an der Kreislaufwirtschaft teilzunehmen. Indem wir Umweltherausforderungen angehen und Unternehmertum fördern, streben wir nach einer nachhaltigen Zukunft.

Seien Sie gespannt auf weitere Updates und Fortschrittsberichte, während wir diese spannende Reise in eine umweltfreundlichere, kreislauforientiertere Zukunft fortsetzen!

#ERASMUSPlus #THINKCirEco #CircularEconomy #Unternehmertum #Nachhaltigkeit #GreenFuture #NEETs #LowSkillsAdults #ERASMUSProject #OnlineMeeting #ECECE #Klagenfurt

Erasmus+ Stealth Project Online project meeting

 29th  June 2023 

Klagenfurt Ecece – Erasmus+ Stealth project

On 29th June 2023, partners of the Stealth Erasmus+ project came together in a virtual meeting to discuss the current status of project implementation. The meeting served as an opportunity to evaluate progress and plan for the next phase of this groundbreaking initiative.

The Stealth Erasmus+ project aims to promote nutrition awareness in schools and explore the significance of food as cultural heritage. With the successful completion of PR1, which involved the development of the Stealth Toolkit, the partners have now set their sights on the implementation phase.

Innovative Curriculum:

The Stealth Toolkit represents a comprehensive resource designed to raise awareness about nutrition among students. It also delves into the rich cultural heritage associated with food, encouraging students to appreciate and preserve their culinary traditions.

Expanding Reach:

As the project enters its implementation stage, partners are eager to share the knowledge gained through the Stealth Toolkit with other schools and educational institutions. The guidelines developed during this phase will pave the way for replicating the innovative curriculum across diverse educational settings.

Impact and Change:

By incorporating nutrition awareness and cultural appreciation into education, the Stealth Erasmus+ project aims to empower students to make healthier food choices while fostering a deeper understanding of cultural diversity. Through this transformative approach, the project envisions a positive impact on students' health and well-being, as well as on the preservation of cultural heritage.

Partnerships for Success:

The success of the Stealth Erasmus+ project is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of all participating partners. Their commitment to driving positive change in education and nutrition has been commendable.

Learn more about the Stealth Erasmus+ project and its mission to promote nutrition awareness and cultural heritage at schools: []


#StealthErasmusPlus #NutritionAwareness #CulturalHeritage #EducationForChange #InnovationInSchools #ErasmusPlusProject


Klagenfurt Ecece – Erasmus+ Stealth project

Am 29. Juni 2023 trafen sich Partner des Stealth Erasmus+ Projekts zu einem virtuellen Treffen, um den aktuellen Stand der Projektumsetzung zu besprechen. Das Treffen diente als Gelegenheit, den Fortschritt zu bewerten und die nächste Phase dieser bahnbrechenden Initiative zu planen.

Das Stealth-Erasmus+-Projekt zielt darauf ab, das Ernährungsbewusstsein in Schulen zu fördern und die Bedeutung von Lebensmitteln als kulturelles Erbe zu erforschen. Mit dem erfolgreichen Abschluss von PR1, bei dem es um die Entwicklung des Stealth Toolkits ging, haben die Partner nun die Umsetzungsphase ins Visier genommen.

Innovativer Lehrplan:

Das Stealth Toolkit stellt eine umfassende Ressource dar, die darauf abzielt, das Bewusstsein der Schüler für Ernährung zu schärfen. Es befasst sich auch mit dem reichen kulturellen Erbe, das mit Essen verbunden ist, und ermutigt die Schüler, ihre kulinarischen Traditionen zu schätzen und zu bewahren.

Reichweite erweitern:

Während das Projekt in die Umsetzungsphase eintritt, sind die Partner bestrebt, das durch das Stealth Toolkit gewonnene Wissen mit anderen Schulen und Bildungseinrichtungen zu teilen. Die in dieser Phase entwickelten Leitlinien werden den Weg für die Replikation des innovativen Lehrplans in verschiedenen Bildungsumgebungen ebnen.

Auswirkungen und Veränderungen:

Durch die Einbeziehung von Ernährungsbewusstsein und kultureller Wertschätzung in die Bildung zielt das Stealth-Erasmus+-Projekt darauf ab, Schüler zu befähigen, gesündere Lebensmittel zu wählen und gleichzeitig ein tieferes Verständnis für kulturelle Vielfalt zu fördern. Durch diesen transformativen Ansatz verspricht sich das Projekt positive Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Studierenden sowie auf die Erhaltung des kulturellen Erbes.

Partnerschaften für den Erfolg:

Der Erfolg des Stealth Erasmus+ Projekts ist ein Beweis für das Engagement und die Zusammenarbeit aller teilnehmenden Partner. Ihr Engagement, positive Veränderungen in den Bereichen Bildung und Ernährung voranzutreiben, ist lobenswert.

Erfahren Sie mehr über das Stealth-Erasmus+-Projekt und seine Mission, das Ernährungsbewusstsein und das kulturelle Erbe an Schulen zu fördern: []


#StealthErasmusPlus #Ernährungsbewusstsein #Kulturelles Erbe #BildungFürVeränderung #InnovationInSchulen #ErasmusPlusProjekt

Erasmus+ Green Digital  Project Online project meeting 

 23th  June 2023 

Klagenfurt 23rd June 2023 ECECE ( Erasmus+ - KA210 Small scale Strategic Partnership In the VET sector No. 2022-2-IT01-KA210-VET-000096922 (CUP G71B22001890006)

Ecece, Learnable (www. and The Common Ones (www. met online for the projec’s June meeting. 

This project wants to reduce the environmental footprint of information and communication technologies used by companies in partner countries, by improving the effectiveness and sustainability of their ICTs’ implementation strategies.

The project will improve awareness of companies on the benefits of sustainable use of ICTs,by enhancing knowledge, skills and competencies of managers, workers and companies on how to implement ICTs in a more sustainable and effective way

Join us

Erasmus+ THINK CirEco  Project Online project meeting 

 23th  June 2023 

Klagenfurt 23rd June 2023 - Online Meeting - ERASMUS+ THINK CirEco

“Promoting Circular Economy Thinking and Opportunities

among NEETs and low-skills adults”



ECECE (AT) joined the Online meeting with the participation of our esteemed partners:



Asociatia TEAM 4 Excellence (RO) -:




During this meeting, our dedicated partners engaged in fruitful discussions about the implementation of our project, aimed at creating synergies that support learning and strengthening the capacity of adult organizations. Our key objectives include empowering adult educators with tools to engage NEETs and low-skilled adults in the Circular Economy (CE) and fostering a stronger connection between training and the labor market, building eco-consciousness among stakeholders in the adult education community.


Erasmus+ Jugaad  Project Online project meeting 

 15th  June 2023 


KA2 Cooperation Partnerships


Promoting STEM approach and digital competences

 15th June 2023 Online eeting Ecece and  the Jugaad Erasmus+ project  partners today met for the  4th online meeting, bringing together our esteemed project partners  under the guidance of Lumen ASSOCIAZIONE LUMEN APS, the coordinator of the project

 During this fruitful meeting, all the partners Ecece,  AISR, INSTITUTE OF  ENTREPRENEUR SHIP DEVELOPMENT, EDUCENTRUM http://www.educentr, Bursa Il Milli Egitim Mudurlug  http://bursa.meb.go, SXOLI KARAVANA,   ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO " GIOVANNI XXIII- COLONNA http://www.giovanni, PROJETO SCHOLE LDA  Siauliu "Dermes" mokykla  http://www.logopedi

had the opportunity to discuss the progress and achievements of our project, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions in the field of education. The meeting focused on key topics such as next project results implementation,

Together, we are working towards making a positive impact on education and empowering students with essential skills for the future.


Stay tuned and visit our websites for  more updates on the progress of the Jugaad Erasmus+ project and future activities.

Erasmus+ B-Skills   Project Training LTTA Malaga 

 12-16th  June 2023 

Malaga 12-16th June 2023 Ecece ( attended the Erasmus+ LTTA related to the project B-Skills - Upskilling adults learners with Blockchain basic skills, project n. 2021-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000033410

Despite the need for blockchain basic literacy, actually there are no or very few educational paths addressed to adult learners. Blockchain is a complex concept to understand. Until recently, there were no formal education courses on Blockchain. Most courses focusing on this technology are for IT specialists and software developers. There is still a large gap in consumable and easily accessible resources to learn about this disruptive technology. In addition, there is also some confusion and lack of clarity of how this technology could be beneficial to the wider public.

The B-Skills Transnational Training Course (TTC), held from the 12th to the 16th of June 2023, was an exceptional learning experience. The Hosting organizations University of Málaga and Málaga TechPark provided a perfect organization of the events and training training program. The visit to the Digital Enterprise Show (DES) was a great idea, in order to expose  participants to the latest advancements in the digital industry. The agenda of the DES offered a diverse range of insightful sessions, providing valuable insights into the digital landscape and its potential impact on various sectors including education. The presentation of the coworking space “Link” by UMA offered participants an in-depth understanding of this innovative services for startups. The presentations by industry experts Francisco Javier Perles Gálvez ( BTS Automation & Blockchain Practice Leader) from Viewnext, and Isaac Agudo Ruiz, CEO from Decentralized Security, were particularly interesting. Their expertise into blockchain provided valuable perspectives on future trends in these field. A special thanks to the three organizers from the hosting institutions Ruben Rios, Isaac Agudo Ruiz and Aline Daniel for their meticulous planning and dedication, which contributed to the perfect success of the training.

Our Toolkit is available for you

Visit us

Erasmus+ CLIMAX  Project Transnational project meeting 

 08-09th  June 2023 


KA2 Cooperation Partnerships
CLIMAte coalition eXchange of best practices 2021-1-SK01-KA220-SCH-000023803

 Klagenfurt 8-9 June 2023

On 8th and 9th June 2023, the European Centre of Entrepreneurship Competence and Excellence Austria (Ecece) hosted the transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ Project CLIMAX - CLIMAte coalition eXchange of best practices (Project No. 2021-1-SK01-KA220-SCH-000023803). The meeting took place in Klagenfurt.

The project, coordinated by the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Faculty of Architecture and Design, STUBA) Slovakia, brought together several project partners, including the Hellenic Education Society of STEM Greece (, Associazione Lumen aps from Italy (, and Súkromná základná škola FELIX Slovakia (

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the finalization of the CLIMAX project, which is set to conclude in October 2023. The CLIMAX Project Partnership has united partners from various education, research, and STEM sectors with a common goal of supporting the delivery of climate change-related school curricula and activities in formal and informal education settings.

The project aims to introduce exemplary explicit teaching strategies employed by a school STEAM teacher. By implementing a climate change STEAM program, data will be collected to explore and evaluate the effectiveness of explicit teaching strategies on climate change education.

Stay tuned for the exciting outcomes and developments as we progress towards the culmination of the CLIMAX project!

Erasmus+ Active  Project Transnational project meeting in Austria Klagenfurt  5-6 - June 2023 Klagenfurt, 5-6 June 2023  Ecece is thrilled to host the Active Erasmus+ project in collaboration with other project  partners: Josef Ressel Gymnazium (CZ), Responsible Society – ReS (CZ), Learnable (IT), WSB University (PL), and Sukromna zakladna skola Felix (CZ). Together, we aim to empower pupils (aged 12 to 15) and teachers to become active and responsible citizens, promoting democracy within the school community.  Join us on this inspiring journey! #ActiveErasmus #EmpoweringYouth #ResponsibleCitizens #DemocracyEducation #EceceKlagenfurt 

Erasmus+ STEALTH Project Transnational project meeting in Portugal Ponte de Lima  13-14-April  2023 

Erasmus+ Alphabetter Project Transnational project meeting in Austria 1-2-December 2022 

Erasmus+ Alphabetter project: On December 2022 1st and 2nd the austrian partner ECECE European Center of Entrepreneurship Competence & Excellence (Austria) is hosting in  Klagenfurt (AT)  the representatives of  WSB University Krakov (the project’s coordinator), University of California San Diego (USA), ENAIP VENETO IMPRESA SOCIALE (Italy) and MEPCO, s.r.o. (Czech Republic). The project aims to create methodology and courses designed to prevent functional and secondary illiteracy. Based on the experience of the University of California, San Diego (ranked 18 on the Shanghai List) taken from working with migrants in the Mexican-American border region, the European partners will create a toolkit for educators of people experiencing secondary and functional illiteracy. The project will conduct a pilot with the participation of representatives of the target group. 

On 9th December  2022 Ecece (Klagenfurt AT) participated to the international online workshop organized by  the Hellenic STEM Educational Association in Athens, presenting together with Indicia (Bratislava SK)  the results of the  two Erasmus+ projects:

CLIMAX - CLIMAte coalition eXchange of best practices

STEALTH - STEam methodology for heALTHhy nutrition awareness - Food as cultural Heritage

ENPOW4Kids Erasmus+


On 12-13th December  2022 Ecece (Klagenfurt AT) is taking part to the transnational project meeting in Prague (CZ).  Hosted by  Fakultní základní škola s rozšířenou výukou jazyků při

PedF  for the Erasmus+ project ENPOW4Kids Enhancing eNtrepreneurial mindset and self-enPOWerment in Kids.

Erasmus+ Active Dobrowa Gornica - Poland Transnational Project Meeting 7-8 feb. 2023

7/8 February 2023 ECECE is participating the transnational project meeting in Dąbrowa Górnicza hosted by the Polish partner of the Active Erasmus+ Project Active (WSB University (Akademia WSB Dąbrowa Górnicza). Gymnázium Josefa Ressela, Chrudim (Cz), Odpovědná Společnost, Z. S., Prague (Cz)

European Center Of Entrepreneurship Competence & Excellence – Ecece, Klagenfurt (At) and Learnable Societa' Cooperativa A R.L., Pesaro (It) together with Sukromna Zakladna Skola Felix, Bratislava (Sk) and Akademia Wsb, Dabrowa Gornicza (Pl)

are implementing the project that aims at empowering pupils (aged 12 to 15) and teachers to defend active and responsible citizens and democracy in the context of school.  For more informations contact us or visit the project website

13-15 and 17th February 2023 ONline Workshop - ECECE together with the other Stealth ERASMUS+ Programme project partners (STEam methodology for heALTHhy nutrition awareness - Food as cultural Heritage) organises the third online workshop presenting the first Project Result, the innovative toolkit to implement Stem methodologies applied to Healthy nutrition and food as Cultural Heritage..

THINKCirEco Erasmus+

Valladolid 28th february 2023 - THINKCirEco Erasmus+ project Kick off meeting. Ecece is attending in Spain the kick off meeting of the project hosted by the Diputation Provincial de Valladolid and Formative Footprint. Together with the other partners Madiba (IT), Mpirmpakos D& SIA O.E. (GR) and Asociatia Team 4 (RO) is implementing  a project that supports NEETs to use the potential of the Circular Economy by empowering and equipping them with needed competences and tools thus facilitating their entrance in a labor market and contributing to the development of a more just and sustainable economy . The aim of the project is to use the potential of the circular economy to empower and equip NEETs with the necessary skills and tools to enter the labour market.

In the next 2 years, we will work to achieve the following results:

an EntreComp competency framework that includes aspects of the Circular Economy;

a training course with practical activities for educators and their students;

an educational platform with inspirational videos with cases of successful ecological entrepreneurship.

11th April 2023 Erasmus+ B-Skills online meeting 

11st April 2023 - Klagenfurt B-SKILLS:  European Erasmus Plus Project aiming at upskilling adults learners with Blockchain basic skills. This morning ECECE together with other project's partners met online to discuss about the implementation of the B-skills Simulator and the B-Skills Mooc that will soon be implemented and available on the B-Skills website. If you are interested in Blockchain technology visit our project website and take a look at the B-skills toolkit #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency

ERASMUS + STAIRs STem education program for AIR pollution in schools  

15 feb 2022 ECECE nimmt am europäischen Projekt B-Skills teil, um neue Schulungswege und Materialien für erwachsene Lernende in Blockchain bereitzustellen

Im Rahmen seiner digitalen Strategie beteiligt sich ECECE am europäischen Projekt B-Skills, das kürzlich im Rahmen des Programms Erasmus Plus genehmigt wurde, um erwachsene Lernende mit Blockchain-Kompetenzen zu qualifizieren.

Tatsächlich gibt es trotz der Notwendigkeit einer Blockchain-Grundbildung tatsächlich keine oder nur sehr wenige Bildungswege, die sich an erwachsene Lernende richten. Blockchain ist ein komplexes Konzept, das man verstehen muss. Bis vor kurzem gab es keine formellen Ausbildungskurse zu dieser Technologie. Die meisten Kurse zu dieser Technologie richten sich an IT-Spezialisten und Softwareentwickler. Es gibt immer noch eine große Lücke bei verbrauchbaren und leicht zugänglichen Ressourcen, um mehr über diese bahnbrechende Technologie zu erfahren. Darüber hinaus gibt es auch einige Verwirrung und Unklarheit darüber, wie diese Technologie für die breite Öffentlichkeit von Nutzen sein könnte.

Daher zielt das Projekt darauf ab, Pädagogen und erwachsene Lernende mit Schulungs- und Unterstützungsmaterialien bei der Erlangung grundlegender digitaler Fähigkeiten im Zusammenhang mit der Blockchain-Technologie zu unterstützen. Die erwachsenen Lernenden erwerben diese grundlegenden Fähigkeiten durch flexible und motivierende Schulungspfade, Materialien und Werkzeuge, um sie darauf vorzubereiten, die Vorteile der Blockchain-Technologie in ihrem täglichen Leben und ihrer Arbeit zu nutzen.

Die Partnerschaft umfasst sieben sich ergänzende Einrichtungen aus sechs verschiedenen Ländern: Learnable (Italien), Unternehmensexperte für disruptive Bildungsmethoden, der Technologiepark von Andalusien und die Universität von Malaga (Spanien), das Europäische Zentrum für unternehmerische Kompetenz und Exzellenz – ECECE ( Österreich), das Kreativstudio Flow Productions (Portugal) und die gemeinnützigen Organisationen Edu Playground (Bulgarien) und Social Hackers (Griechenland).

Das Projekt zielt darauf ab, das Angebot an qualitativ hochwertigen Schulungsangeboten für erwachsene Lernende durch die Schaffung flexibler und ansprechender Schulungen mit Schwerpunkt auf Blockchain zu erhöhen. Dadurch können Erwachsene von einer der disruptivsten Technologien der letzten Jahre profitieren und ihren Zugang zu digitalen Diensten in allen Lebensbereichen und ihre Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten verbessern.

Das Projekt wird mehrere greifbare Ergebnisse hervorbringen, wie z. B. ein B-Skills-Handbuch, um Pädagogen unterstützende Materialien und Werkzeuge zur Verfügung zu stellen, die für die Implementierung, Unterstützung, Verwaltung und Bewertung effektiver Blockchain-Schulungen für erwachsene Lernende erforderlich sind; ein spielbasierter Online-Simulator, der auf visuelle Weise nachbildet, wie Blockchain funktioniert. Es wird erwachsenen Lernenden ermöglichen, komplexe Konzepte im Zusammenhang mit Blockchain auf einfache Weise zu verstehen und eine zugängliche und motivierende Umgebung bereitzustellen, um das Engagement erwachsener Lernender zu fördern. Und schließlich ein offener webbasierter Schulungskurs für erwachsene Lernende, der den Erwerb grundlegender digitaler Kompetenzen in Bezug auf Blockchain unterstützt. Es wird erwachsenen Lernenden den Zugang zu digitalen Diensten und Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten ermöglichen, die von Blockchain bereitgestellt werden.