Becoming a Project Partner

To apply to be a project partner with ECECE, simply download the PIF document at the bottom right-hand corner of the project page, complete as much as possible and return it to ECECE by email. If you have any questions or issues regarding the PIF document, do not hesitate to ask.

Successful applicant will be notified by email and an online conference call arranged shortly after. During the development phase of the project, partners will be required to keep in regular contact and meet in-person in each partner’s country or region.

Project Overviews

Cognitive decline and impairment literacy and – Adult learners

Cognitive decline and cognitive impairment are key challenges for Europe and European citizens, since they are the basis for allowing people to increase their knowledge and, subsequently, make informed decisions and take action concerning their health. There is a huge amount of health information available both on paper and on line across Europe, but if the level of literacy of the population is not adequate, their accessibility becomes almost zero, both in terms of capacity to understand them and in terms to find them. The project will:

• Test a viable approach for making the training and educational contents available to the widest possible audience of European citizens;

• Deliver training contents to adults

• Create an edutainment platform with digital contents and games to fight Cognitive decline and cognitive impairment

Virtual Field Trips – Adult/School learners

Take your learners around project’s partner European regions, Through the implementation of Virtual field trips partners will enhance an innovative educational process not only for each partner country but also collectively for the consortium. Learners from each partner country will be able to be educated and acquire STEM skills to create Virtual Field Trips, and have the opportunity to know other European regions through an innovative technology. The project will promote interaction between different participant educational institution, thus supporting the development of social skills of adult learners, students and teachers, but also building bridges between organisations fostering the understanding of diversity.


AFTERSCHOOL intends to implement an effective education platform to support primary and secondary school students to cope with all their after school duties in a structured and shared environment with the support of a pool of school teachers and experts. Thus the students will develop key competences in the use of digital tools exploited for education to better stress their digital readiness, resilience and capacity. They will also improve their work organisation and study time optimisation