Integration of Young Adults into Labor Market through Cultural Heritage

For this project three objects of cultural heritage are chosen: old-towns, traditional songs and dances, traditional food. The project team is going to promote the cultural values of each country, demonstrate what kind of jobs can be found or created in every area and field of the project.

All the project activities will be included into a cognitive, entertaining, educational video about historical places and history of the towns with interactive exercises to develop cultural competencies and social dialogue with questions and possible answers, as well as a collection of traditional music examples (songs and dances) – an interactive video tool for learning with questions and answers, a video about traditional meal with tasks for learners, and a competition “I virtually create an attractive work place” will be organised.

The project participants will widen up the knowledge of English language, necessary for a communication and development of social dialogue, as well as they will know more about various traditions of EU countries (songs, dances, culinary heritage), necessary for an original creation of new work places. They will also learn to develop thinking design, for a creation of a work place and interior, will develop possibilities to evaluate own competences.

Employment of young adults will be achieved through a non-traditional path (arts, food, architecture, songs) and new technologies (while making a video, creating and monitoring a website, creating a virtual work place, communicating). While knowing the cultural history and traditions of other country, the project participant would easier integrate into the cultural and social context of other country.