The Climax Project Partnership brings together partners from across education, research and the wider STEM sector to support the delivery of climate change-related school curricula and activities in formal and informal education settings. The project introduces exemplary explicit teaching strategies as enacted by a school STEAM teacher. Through a -lesson by lesson climate change STEAM program, data will be collected to explore explicit teaching strategies.

Data from teacher interviews and class observations will also be used to identify and describe how this STEM teacher will offer students opportunities to solve real problems in their community. Examples demonstrating three stages of STEAM education: understanding context presentation, performing creative design, and experiencing emotional touch are provided. STEAM programs will be presented with realistic issues arising from the community students belong to and that explicit teaching strategy that will give students the opportunity to achieve core competencies and scientific literacy. The project will provide piloting and implications about the need for systemic teacher training and professional development for STEAM education. The project is designed for teachers and school students aged 8-16 years old.