The project aims to create methodology and courses designed to prevent functional and secondary illiteracy. Based on the experience of the University of California, San Diego (ranked 18 on the Shanghai List) taken from working with migrants in the Mexican-American border region, the European partners will create a toolkit for educators of people experiencing secondary and functional illiteracy. The project will conduct a pilot with the participation of representatives of the target group.

During the project, the Consortium researchers will collaborate with, among others, Dr Megan Hopkins working in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of California, San Diego. She is a former bilingual primary school teacher and has conducted extensive research examining how schools and school systems organise for equity, with a particular focus on the education of immigrant and multilingual students.

The specific effects of educational activities with the use of the materials and methodologies developed in the project will contribute to reducing the occurrence of secondary and functional illiteracy in the population of adult Europeans.